About the Designer

Comment by Tom "Mac" Clark...

Pablo "Polkas" Bosque is a close friend of mine whom I met originally down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having learned that he is a graphic designer, I asked him to take a stab at the ESC Logo.

It did not take Polkas long to come up with a sketch and then ultimately the final logo design. I believe he captured the true essence behind the logo and I'm excited to use it on the site as well as on shirts, patches, and other gear soon!.

Polkas has many talents in the graphic arts arena and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Muchas gracias senor Polkas!

Comment by Pablo "Polkas" Bosque...

The Essential Survival Co logo, is inspirated on the Aztec symbols, with form at stamp. Is new, is simple, is a complex of lines that represents each element.

I want to say THANKS to Tom for trust on me for this Project and for show me that he is a very good person.
Pablo Bosque

About the Logo


The design of the Essential Survival logo, is based on 4 esential elements to survive:

1) Water
2) Fire
3) Shelter
4) Food

Designed by:
Pablo Bosque
Graphic Designer and Photographer