Don't just take our word for it...

I never thought that this experience could be so amazing. The natural environment, the team, the experience, the instructor, sleep under the stars, build your own shelter, make fire with your hands!!! the survival lessons, all incredible factors that build this amazing experience. In this particular case, I found a new activity that I want to repeat, and a new friend, because Tom is not only an incredible instructor, is an excellent person and an excellent friend. I recomend this activity to ALL the people, to have contact with the nature and with yourself. Make fire is not easy, you need patience, skills, and dedication.

Tom, I can't wait to the next survival experience, thanks a lot for your patience and dedication to share your skills with us.


Damian, Buenos Aires Argentina


I have been hunting, fishing, and camping for 25+ years, but the survival weekend will make future trips into the woods much more easy and enjoyable. Tom Clark is an excellent teacher with lasting patience, he has a wealth of knowledge and no question went unanswered. Toby's cooking is restaurant quality and the food alone is worth the price. Ryun's help was greatly appreciated, especially when I was ready to give up on making fire. This company could easily charge double and you would still be getting a great deal. I can't wait for the advanced class.

Ryan, Sarasota

What a weekend! (we) have not stopped talking about our adventure. I can honestly say that I didn’t quite know what to expect but I couldn’t have imagined what we were about to learn and participate in. The mix of teaching and hands on practice seemed perfect for the time we had. I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere without thinking of this stuff again. I find I don’t want to be far from any of my essential tools, ever. I now understand how my shower curtain can help me survive a life threatening situation.

We are both so thrilled with our newfound skills! Tom, you were fantastic sharing your knowledge with both Ryan and Toby complimenting you well along the way. Never expected the team building skills we learned putting our newly learned skills to the test. Great stuff! Your review of key items to help us make fire was fantastic. We came away with newfound confidence in our survival skills and will continue spread the word to all who will listen.

We found the entire experience to be tremendous value and will do it again. Whether we just want to camp with the security of being with experts, be pampered by great hosts, rediscover real family values, treat them to valuable knowledge while being entertained along the way or truly learning how to survive in a life or death situation we will call on your team to do it with.

We anxiously await our next survival “experience”.

George, Sarasota